All documents listed must be present at the time of application submittal.


Required Documents

Specific Requirements

Valid Government Issued ID (mandatory for small businesses and private nonprofits)

Driverís License or Passport of the Entityís Authorized Representative. [1]

Organization Financial Information (mandatory for small businesses and private nonprofits)


Most recently submitted Federal Tax Returns from 2018 or 2019. For nonprofits, please provide most recent income and expense statement for 2018 or 2019.

Proof of Operations within the County (mandatory for small businesses and private nonprofits)

       Certificate of Incorporation;

       Utility Bills;

       Tax Statements;

       Lease Agreement; or

       Deed (if owner-occupied).



Proof of Business Registration with the Kansas Secretary of State, as applicable: (mandatory for small businesses and private nonprofits)

       Articles of Incorporation (for corporations);

       Articles of Organization (for LLCs);

       Other Organizational documents such as partnership agreements, bylaws, etc.

       Business License (if applicable)


COVID-19 Impact Documentation (mandatory for small businesses and private nonprofits)

       A loss of gross receipts, sales, or fundraising revenue;

       A reduced level of production, sales, employment or service; or

       A temporary closure of all operations

Please provide sufficient documentation to demonstrate the negative impact of COVID-19 on your entity.

COVID-19 Related Expenditure Requests (mandatory)

All future COVID-19 Related Expenditure Requests must be accompanied by three quotes to ensure cost reasonableness.  

COVID-19 Incurred Expenses Documentation (if applicable)

All Applicants requesting reimbursements for already incurred costs prior to application submittal, must ensure that each expense is properly documented with a receipt and an explanation of how the expense is tied to COVID-19.

Most Recent Approved Budget as of March 27, 2020 (mandatory for Governmental Entities)

In the case that the Applicant is behind on rent, the Applicant should provide documentation to show the amount of rent that is owed and for which months.


[1] The Authorized Representative is someone with authority to act on behalf of the entity, make representation of the entity, and enter into legally binding agreements on behalf of the entity.